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The Highest Rated Rehab Centers in America

The Highest Rated Rehab Centers in America

Living with a drug or alcohol problem can be devastating, not only for the person involved, but for their family and friends as well. Once you’ve come to terms that you need professional help to recover from an addiction, it’s time to find a rehabilitation center that’s right for you. Unfortunately, there are so many rehab facilities in the United States alone that it can be difficult to find one that fits your needs and budget. Plus, if you’re going into rehab and spending the time and money to recover, you want to know that it’s going to work.

Below are some of the top rated rehab centers in America with the highest success rates among addicts of all kinds:

The Solutions Recovery Center

For over a decade, the Solutions Recovery Center has helped thousands of addicts overcome their problems in a relaxed and humble manner. Located in beautiful, sunny Florida, it’s easy to see why so many people have walked through their doors feeling confident on their successful recovery. In fact, people from all over the world come to this facility due to its high success rating.

The facility offers everything from resident housing to deluxe meeting rooms and you’ll find that the center takes a modern approach to addiction recovery. This allows the facility to have a homey feel that makes treatment much more comfortable. Solutions offers a range of treatment programs to meet the needs of each addict. From detox, alcohol treatment, drug rehabilitation and DUI rehab, there is something for everyone at Solutions.

Solutions has the highest success rate of any other rehab center in America, with over 95 percent of people recovering upon leaving the center. It is best suited for men between the ages of 24 and 60. They focus primarily on alcohol and substance abuse treatment. The center has roughly 24 beds available at any given time and accepts all major insurance providers.

Q Health Palm Beach

Q Health of Palm Beach takes a more holistic approach to self-care and recovery. They focus on helping clients build lifelong skills that they’ll need to overcome triggers and temptations so that recovery lasts a lifetime. They are a joint commission accredited facility with two separate centers for men and women. Their facilities provide a comfortable environment for the addict to focus primarily on their addiction and ultimate recovery.

This facility has over a 90 percent recovery rate and is ideal for both men and women because of the dual recovery centers. There are over 200 beds available at Q Health, which makes it larger than most others in the country. They also take all major insurance providers, allowing their care to be cost-effective and affordable.

Promises Rehab

Located in sunny California, Promises has been one of the most sought-after drug and alcohol rehab centers that even the celebs have gone to in order to get their lives back on track. The facility is exactly what patients expect: clean, modern and employing only the best quality staff.

Promises has a 90 percent success rate for recovering addicts and is intended for both men and women between the ages of 24 and 45. They focus on alcohol and drug problems and have over 100 beds within the facility itself. They have another Promises facility in Texas, but their main headquarters is in California. They take almost all types of insurance providers and can work on a sliding scale pay plan.

Cirque Lodge

Cirque Lodge is primarily a drug rehabilitation facility that stands out from the crowd. They are located in Utah and cater to people from all walks of life. They have highly-trained staff available around the clock, providing modern and updated care to each and every one of their clients.

People leaving the facility have an 85 percent chance of fully recovering using their program. Cirque Lodge is intended for men and women between the ages of about 30 to 65. They focus on both alcohol and drug addiction, but put a primary focus on drug rehab. They have a quaint setup with only 40 beds available at any given time. They also work with all major insurance providers to guarantee coverage to those struggling.

Caron Foundation

The Caron Foundation is perfect for both teens and adults, and you’ll find the facility located in beautiful Pennsylvania. They take a gender-separate approach to care, ensuring that addicts are able to focus fully on their recovery and nothing else.

The facility has over an 80 percent recovery success rate and is intended for teens and younger adults under the age of 30. They can help people addicted to alcohol and drugs, accommodating over 100 patients at any given time. They also work with all major insurance providers, so getting the quality care that you need is easy and affordable.

Sierra Tucson

The Sierra Tucson facility has been rated one of the best residential treatment centers in America because of its quality of care and high treatment success. The facility is perfect for those suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction and other dependent disorders.

They have an over 80 percent recovery rate for people walking through their doors and can work with both men and women who are looking for a more medically-based approach to rehab. Their center has over 100 beds available throughout the year, making it easy for you to get a spot and check in right away. They also take all major insurance providers, so payment is not a problem.

Choosing Your Facility

Choosing a facility can be time-consuming and daunting because you want to know that you’re going into a rehab center that’s going to work. This is especially true for people who have already been through recovery and have since relapsed, but still want to be free from their addiction. Be sure to contact any one of the above mentioned centers to get a feel for how they can treat and help you.

25 Top Rated Best Inpatient Drug Alcohol Rehab Centers in the US

25 Top Rated Best Inpatient Drug Alcohol Rehab Centers in the US

There are over 14,500 alcohol and drug treatment centers in the nation, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse. Although finding the right treatment center can be an extremely hard decision, there are plenty to choose from. To help carefully select the best facility to take treatment at, here are the best-rated inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers we could gather.

1. Brighton Hospital- Top Rated in Michigan

Brighton Center for Recovery is known to help treat their patients with experience and kindness that anyone deserves. Their one goal every day is to help save lives and they do that by performing above and beyond by providing professional expertise and experience to every patient they treat.

2. Caron Foundation- Top Rated in Pennsylvania

At the Carson Foundation, they have a unique philosophy that addiction is as complex as the people and family it can affect. The Carson Foundation helps treat drug and alcohol conditions, as well as the problems families and patients face in their everyday life. In fact, drug and alcohol addictions that the Carson Foundation treats are almost never separated.

3. Camp Recovery- Top Rated in Northern California

Since 1984, The Camp Recovery Center has proven to be successful in helping treat men, women, and young adults from their addiction problems. With experienced staff and a beautiful facility, they have one of the highest rates in the West Coast.

4. Cottonwood De Tucson- Top Rated in Arizona

Cottonwood De Tucson is located in Tucson, Arizona and is rated as one of the best inpatient holistic behavioral health treatment and addiction centers. Centered on a 35-acre campus, specialists boast spiritual tours and scenic views to help deal with the harsh labors of addiction.

5. Cumberland Heights- Top Rated in Tennessee

Cumberland Heights is located in Nashville, Tennessee and is a type of nonprofit treatment center that has made its mark along the shore of the Cumberland River. The facility itself stretches through a 177-acre campus and specializes in creating lasting healing treatments for those who currently suffer from drug and alcohol addiction.

6. Cirque Lodge- Top Rated in Utah

Located in Sundance and Provo Canyon resides Cirque Lodge. The facility has two main venues that help treat those affected by addiction. Their main goal is to help heal families and patients together and reject the temptation of drug and alcohol abuse.

7. Copac- Top Rated in Mississippi

Copac is a drug rehab facility that is based in Mississippi. They work closely on evidence-based treatment plans that are powered by experienced professionals and environment stimulation to help treat the different forms of addiction.

8. Father Martin Ashley- Top Rated in Maryland

Father Martin-Ashley is located in Havre de Grace MD and is one of the best alcohol and drug rehab centers in the state. Experienced facility staff can not only help decrease dependency on alcohol and drugs but can also help treat medical conditions such as chronic pain and other health-related conditions that are associated with withdrawal.

9. Fairbanks Hospital- Top Rated in Indiana

Fairbanks Hospital is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is by far one of the oldest drug and alcohol treatment facilities in America in addition to being a nonprofit rehab center as well. Fairbanks helps with individualizes care through their patient’s customizable recovery plan.

10. Glenbeigh- Top Rated in Ohio

Located in Northeast Ohio is a drug and alcohol rehab center hospital known as Glenbeigh. Their mission is to help treat as many patients, aged 18 years or older, and to help support and care for them throughout their addiction treatment.

11. Hazelden- Top Rated in Florida

Hazelden is a top-rated drug and alcohol rehab center in Florida. The staff is uniformed and professional towards patients and their treatment care. The main goal of the facility is to help sober individuals facing addiction and help them lead productive lives and careers.

12. Hazelden- Top Rated in Oregon

Hazelden is located in Oregon and focuses on evidence-based addiction treatments to help facilitate those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. The staff that runs Hazelden are the best in the state and always focus on respect and privacy towards the patients that are in their care.

13. Hazelden- Top Rated in Minnesota

This Hazelden branch is located in Center City, Minnesota, which is one of America’s largest nonprofit addiction treatment providers. They use a variety of treatments to help provide a sense of security and comfort for those undergoing addiction. The Foundation started in 1949 and has been one of the best recovery and prevention programs in the nation for adults and youth alike.

14. Harmony Foundation- Top Rated in Colorado

Harmony Foundation is located in Estes Park, Colorado, and is one of the biggest alcohol and drug treatment facilities in the world. It is a state-of-the-art center and bases itself around affordable addiction treatment programs on a 43-acre campus in the Rocky Mountains.

15. Inspire Malibu- Top Rated in California

At Inspire Malibu in Malibu, California, they provide top of the line treatment that combines holistic approaches with the latest research-based therapies to provide the best treatment possible.

16. Nova- Top Rated in Wisconsin

With affordable prices and medically monitored treatment, Nova Counseling Services is able to provide quality care for those with chemical dependency issues.

17. The Retreat- Top Rated in Minnesota

The Retreat in Minnesota uses the same 12 step principles used in AA to provide educational services for those affected by drug dependency. They offer affordable services for individuals, their families, and community members who are impacted by addiction.

18. Sierra Tucson- Top Rated in Arizona

Sierra Tucson is known for its safe and successful treatment of those in its care. They offer compassionate treatment for anyone who is struggling with addiction or any number of behavioral health disorders.

19. Silver Hill Hospital- Top Rated in Connecticut

Since 1931, Silver Hill has operated as a nonprofit hospital that treats psychiatric disorders and addiction. This facility has been recognized nationally for its exceptional treatment.

20. Sundown M Ranch- Top Rated in Washington

Providing treatment for adolescents and adults with chemical dependency and their families, Sundown M Ranch operates in Washington state. Their highly trained staff provides excellent treatment at affordable costs.

21. Talbot Hall- Top Rated in Ohio

With its highly trained staff and specialists, Talbot Hall has been able to provide superior treatment to those in the central Ohio area since 1974. The staff uses a combination of traditional treatment methods and the latest clinical methods.

22. Tully Hill- Top Rated in New York

Tully Hill provides excellent treatment in a number of states. They assist addicted professional and uniformed professionals, provide treatment, and help them to lead productive lives and careers.

23. Turning Point- Top Rated in Florida

In Tampa, Florida, Turning Point provides treatment for those with substance abuse problems, eating disorders, and dual diagnosis. This facility has been providing 12 step treatment programs since 1987.

24. Valley Hope- Top Rated in Missouri

Though this branch is located in Boonville, MO, Valley Hope offers both residential and outpatient treatment in seven states. They have over 16 locations and a virtual program, too. Their online therapy is used to provide patients with continuing care and support. The facility in Missouri is on an eight-acre wooded campus with private housing.

25. Willingway Hospital- Top Rated in Georgia

Willingway in Statesboro, GA prioritizes patients and their families by giving them the best care possible. Their mission is to offer treatment with compassion, dignity, and respect. They also focus on providing lifelong treatment and recovery management services so their patients can live long and successful lives.

Top 10 Drug Treatment Centers

Top 10 Drug Treatment Centers

For a successful recovery, finding the best drug treatment center can be instrumental to your health. With some of the best treatment centers in the country, you will be treated with higher rates of success and more experienced staff than less impressive facilities. Check out our top 10 drug treatment center list below for the best rehab facilities in the United States.

1. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches – Palm Beach, Florida

BHPB, or the Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, is one of the best drug treatment centers in Florida for trauma and mental health programs. Founded in 1997 by Dr. Mullaney who was a recovering addict himself, he gathered the most experienced professionals in the nation to provide the best treatment plans for patients recovering from drug addiction. Long-term care can last up to 12 months for come patients, but most treatments only take 30 days to complete.

2. Benchmark Recovery Center – Austin, Texas

Formerly known as the Mark Houston Recovery Center, The Benchmark Recovery Center is located in Austin, Texas and specializes in its 12-step, 90-day program for recovery drug addicts. Since it acknowledges that everyone responds differently to treatments, they avoided one specific type of treatment and cater to each and every need a recovering drug addict may have. They also have two different facilities for women and men which can provide treatments for 58 patients at once and has a current success rate of nearly 75%.

3. The Caron Foundation – Wernersville, Pennsylvania

The Caron Foundation is a nonprofit foundation treatment center in Pennsylvania. It was founded by Richard Caron who used his own home as a treatment location for those recovering from drug addictions. Soon after, he opened a hotel retreat center to help expand his treatment center to become one of the most successful drug treatment centers in the Unites States. The Caron Foundation today uses its dedicated 12-step method including a relapse program.

4. Hazelden Betty Ford – Nationwide

One of the most recognized and successful drug treatment facilities in the nation is The Hazelden Betty Ford Center. The treatment center is stretched along the west and east coast and uses a variety of different treatment methods such as a 12-step program, evidence-based treatments, and specialized individual treatments for patients with mental health conditions. It also has a recovery rate of 80% and treats patients for up to 90 days. In addition to the center’s multidisciplinary team, it allows for smaller group sizes and individualized patient to counselor treatment options.

5. Mountainside – Canaan, Connecticut

Mountainside is a treatment center in Canaan, Connecticut and was founded in 1998. It was one of the first holistic drug treatment centers that also combined traditional treatment methods for higher recovery rates. In addition, they also use a 12-step program and adventure-based counseling treatments. With their certified and experienced staff, they have some of the highest recovery rates in the nation.

6. Ocean Breeze Recovery – Pompano Beach, Florida

Ocean Breeze Recovery is based in Pompano Beach, Florida and is one of the most luxurious treatment centers in the United States. The facility’s philosophy is based around treating patients’ mind, spirit, and body as a whole. In addition, they also use yoga therapy, outpatient treatments, and individualizing-gender care. Alongside treating different behavioral conditions, Ocean Breeze’s staff are fully experienced and licensed to help treat and diagnose pre-existing and occurring disorders to provide higher recovery rates in their patients.

7. Phoenix House – New York, New York

Phoenix House was founded in New York City in 1967 by six heroin addicts who were trying to stay clean. Nowadays, the nonprofit organization has 11 centers across the country with more than 100 specialized treatment programs. Their centers focus on holistic treatment and an understanding that addiction is a chronic illness. They provide ongoing support and management for patients, just as a doctor would for any chronic condition. Not only does this facility offer exceptional treatment, they are also one of the more affordable treatment centers.

8. Rock Solid Recovery/Sure Haven – Costa Mesa, California

Men’s rehabilitation center, Rock Solid Recovery, and it’s sister women’s rehab, Sure Haven, are both highly rated facilities in the state of California. They tend to take a more holistic approach with a 12 step treatment plan. Treatment at these facilities is highly individualized. Rock Solid Recovery and Sure Haven is both equipped with highly qualified staff members that specialize in a range of disciplines. Both facilities provide 30 to 90 day inpatient programs for patients to choose from. One of the main benefits of these facilities is their size. Rock Solid only supports six patients at a time and Sure Haven can support up to 13. This allows the facility to spend the time needed for each patient and provides them the best treatment possible.

  1. Sober Living by the Sea – Newport Beach, California

Sober Living by the Sea is one of the best facilities of the many in the state of California. They have been in business for over 25 years and use a mostly clinical approach to treatment. During treatment, they attempt to treat not only the addiction of their patients but also any underlying mental health disorders that may be associated with the addiction. They also use a variety of activities in their treatment, like swimming and hiking.

10. St. Jude’s Recovery Center – Atlanta, Georgia

For over 50 years, St. Jude’s Recovery Center has been standing strong in Atlanta, Georgia. St. Jude’s is one of the few fully accredited treatment centers in the country. The center was founded in 1962 and has been providing care for everyone since. They even provide treatment for low-income adults and the homeless. They have seven treatment centers in the Atlanta area.

How To Choose The Best Drug Treatment Center For You

Those these are ten of the best treatment centers in the country, there are great facilities everywhere. Every drug treatment center has different programs and services that will suit everybody’s unique needs. No matter if you are choosing a facility based on your budget, treatment needs, location, or qualification of the staff, there is a rehabilitation center for you.

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